Business strategies you need to know in order to run a successful business.


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Most of us dream of being our own boss or work from home. 

But how to get to the promised land?

They are countless lists about all sorts of businesses one can start on its own. Gurus and 

influencers lure many with false promises of gaining money with minimal efforts!!!

No secrets, It takes effort, hard work, and time to find success! That is not even sufficient most of us are willing to do that!!! To make a difference you need a better strategy!

Work harder and smarter rather than just harder. 

In this post I will share with you some strategies ideas you can implement on your own business to leverage your true potential .

Potential you can reuse in other businesses or your personal life

I am a web entrepreneur and a developer in particular. I make web applications. My new venture is a web agency named Inkira .

Let’s get started!

It is important to realize the different tasks and roles it takes to have a successful business (in your field). Understanding it won’t be possible to do everything on your own, some tasks will have to be automated others will have to be delegated. 

Ideally, you want to focus on improving the quality of your products rather than spending too much energy on sales, marketing, or even customer service. 

Good products sell by them self with word of mouth and they are no returns or major complaints.

That is the goal!

They are some strategies you can try now!

Learn to automate and delegate so you can focus on your product!

  1. Keep learning to improve your strengths
  2. Delegate in areas where you lack knowledge and save time 
  3. Automate to keep some control

1) Boost your strengths

Self-assess your skills !!!

Overrate yourself and you will find yourself quickly overwhelmed with work that you can not complete.

Underrating your skills you will get stuck and won’t progress.

A good way to estimate your skills is by reading blogs, and books, following some discussion boards (Reddit, twitter, etc), watch advanced talk about your industry.

That will give a quick indicator of where you are. You don’t have to understand 100% of the subject you are reading or the presentation you are watching. I will say 70% of understanding is a positive and encouraging indicator. 

Don’t forget that these blog writers and presentations have made some research before presenting their work. They have to appear smarter than they are! Don’t be frustrated! You re-watch or re-read the same talk or book until you fully get it, no shame, but finish what you have started!

Write some notes about topics you need to learn or master.

Focus on what will improve your product directly or indirectly.

2) Invest and save time

Technically if you had enough time and money you could learn and do everything yourself. 

Well time is money .

Skills, strategy knowledge and time combined is money 

Contracting professionals will save you a lot of time!

They are a lot of places where you get can get competent contractors (99designs, Toptal, Upwork, Fiverr, etc …)

You can also collaborate with people or other start-ups with complementary skills.

If you are a designer, associate with a developer. If you are a model collaborate with a photograph etc… it is mutually beneficial!

Don’t invest too much of your time and hope looking for free collaborations… join a few online groups. Sometimes it can open up interesting ideas or opportunities …

If you have the finances hire someone!

3) Master Automation 

Automation is a good alternative, it gives you more control over your business and it will be less expensive than hiring someone. Keep in mind automation can give you good results but a dedicated professionals will get better results. Automating yourself will get the job done until you get to the next level. But it will require you to spend time learning tools.

Part of services my web agency can offer your accompany are automation services so you can dedicate the maximum of your time to polishing your products.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, depending on your time, knowledge, and finances, you can decide if it is more profitable to invest time learning some automation tools or hire contractors so you can focus on polishing your services. But keep learning.